Lipari. The Piazza Monfalcone burial site

Scavo della necropoliLipari. View of the excavation of the Piazza Monfalcone burial site, with a stretch of the first Greek circuit of walls

Excavations conducted by Bernabò Brea and Madeleine Cavalier in the Piazzetta Monfalcone (now L.S. d'Austria) in 1954, at the centre of the present-day town, uncovered a stretch of the archaic city walls of Greek Lipàra, below which extended a huge burial site datable to the late Bronze Age. In it cremation tombs with the ashes gathered in situlae (burial urns), placed horizontally in the ground and closed with a stone slab, are superimposed over and intermixed with inhumation burials with skeletons huddled in large jars (pithoi).


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